Our œnologists carry out a vertical tasting

A vertical tasting at Château PICQUE CAILLOU 14th March 2019 in the presence of Madame Valérie Lavigne, Monsieur Jean Claude Berrouet, Monsieur Axel Marchal, Monsieur Christophe Ollivier

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2017 vintage :

Tasted before fining. The nose is very open.
Dark colour. Signs of barrel ageing with subtle oak. Intense blackcurrant.
Soft, complete and harmonious palate. Power in finish with no drying, fresh and aromatic.

2016 vintage :

Excellent vintage resembling 2010 the most.
A wine with breed. Dark colour, intense palate, fresh finish.
Very soft tannins, sensual, smooth.
Great aromatic power with balsamic, blackcurrant and floral violet notes coming through.

2015 vintage :

A great classic wine of the 2015 vintage!
A structured, balanced and dense wine possessing tannic power and an intense finish.
Expressive nose of well-ripened black fruits.
Aeration releases all its aromas. Smooth palate with coated tannins.

2014 vintage :

A balanced, harmonious wine.
Full on the palate with a velvety, rich softness.
Intense nose with aromas of toasted bread, ripe fruit and floral iris notes coming to the fore.
The finish is still a little austere. Needs more time.

2013 vintage :

A lesser vintage. Attack showing some age. Austere, short finish.
Gamey nose. Fluid on the palate.

2012 vintage :

An expressive nose of well-ripened grapes, picked at the optimal time.
Very deep colour.
Soft attack, pleasant palate, velvety, coated tannins.
A very soft and tender texture!
Lovely length of flavour with an ageing potential of 10 years.

2011 vintage :

Floral and spicy hints.
Powdery tannins, fluid texture, more acidity in evidence.
Left within its range without pushing the extraction.
Not a complex wine but pleasant.

2010 vintage :

A great vintage enhanced by exceptional weather conditions.
Remarkable management of the extraction!
Fullness, harmony and balance are the features of this wine.
Menthol and cachou notes come through.
The mid-palate is compact and offers a sensation of warmth. Amazing ageing potential.

2009 vintage :

A deep, youthful colour.
Oxydo-reductive potential.
Empyreumatic aromas, cedar-wood, camphor, tobacco.
Round, supple, very soft and warm on the palate. The tannins are integrated and flavours come through very well in the finish with a tannic presence.
A wine still in its youth which still has things to reveal.
Wait more time.

2008 vintage :

Representative of the vintage and showing great Bordeaux classicism.
A well-constructed wine with good structure and balance.
Very Cabernet. Lovely aromatic expression with cold smoke aromas, hearth and blackcurrant buds coming to the fore. Good length and a tannic finish with no astringency. A wine with potential!

2007 vintage :

The first vintage under the consultancy of Denis Dubourdieu and Valérie Lavigne.
A darker colour than the 2008 but the nose is narrower, more “rooty” than the 2008.
The wine shows amazing colour and grip. Smokey notes of tobacco and blackcurrants.
Enveloping on the palate with a silky, air-light, smooth texture. A well-integrated, very soft finish.