A history and a family

Château Picque Caillou

The vineyard dates back many years and can be found on maps drawn up by the cartographers Cassini and Belleyme at the end of the 18th century.

Jean Laclotte, a famous architect of the time, built Picque Caillou in 1756. Later on, his son Etienne Laclotte made it his summer residence to take advantage of the warmth and mildness of the gentle Aquitaine climate.

Etienne Laclotte died in 1812. Successive owners took little care of the vineyard until the property was bought in 1947 by Etienne Denis, a Bordeaux entrepreneur based in Indo-China, who entrusted the vineyard to competent estate managers.  After the property had passed into the hands of his son, Alphonse Denis, it was his grand-daughter Isabelle, along with her husband Paulin Calvet, who became the owners in 1997.

Settled at the property since 2000 with their 5 children, they have breathed new life into a house which had been uninhabited for many years, giving it back its true function, and where today numerous receptions and tastings are organised.