The style is the man

Château Picque Caillou

Coming from a long line of Bordeaux wine merchants, Paulin Calvet arrived in 2006 to add new impetus to Picque Caillou. He is today at an age when one’s taste is more refined and precise.

In 2007, Paulin asked consultant œnologist Valérie Lavigne to assist the new crew and contribute her expertise and technical support to the winemaking process. In each new vintage, Paulin Calvet and his team seek to bring out the pedigree, elegance and purity of taste in the wines while preserving fruit character and balance. 

As the guardian of quality, Paulin Calvet ensures that he closely follows each step of the wine-making process in each vintage on a daily basis. His reward is a remarkably high quality wine expressing balance and elegance.