Vinification and ageing

The Dubourdieu method

White wines

No de-stemming and no crushing

Pneumatic pressing without breaking up the press-cake and with very gradual increase in pressure

Settling of the juice and yeasting in vat

Juice run into barrels at the very beginning of fermentation.
20% new barrels

Weekly stirring of the lees

Fining with bentonite in April

Bottling in May

Red wines

Vatting period of 20 to 25 days at controlled temperatures of 25°C and 28°C

Pump-overs with very limited aeration

One single delestage (rack and return). A ten-day post-fermentation period at 30°C

Malo-lactic fermentation in vats

First blendings carried out in November

Run into barrels (30% of which are new and solely French oak) in December

Two rackings during the 12-month ageing period